Cinema Industry

We are the official partner of Vista Entertainment Solutions Ltd via CBM LLC. We provide the full service to support, install and setup Vista software in cinema chains across the world. We provide software developments for cinemas which covers fiscal operations, integration to the accounting and reporting systems, mobile app developments and Web developments.

Web Gate

The solution for connecting to one core of all business services and software systems of the company.

The kernel has an ample opportunities for scaling up, connecting new services through the API, setting up interaction and data exchange, tracking all transactions occurring within the business, correcting them, transforming, storing, canceling, etc. It allows you to store data files, display analytics, create a report designer, connect neural networks for analytics and processing of big data, connect third-party services of any type. And most importantly, the creation of rules of interaction with each other CBM has been developing and implementing software since 2014.

In Our Project Portfolio

implementation, adaptation and development of ERP systems