We provide services on CRM implementation and building the core business
processes via CRM to bring flexibility into customer service process.


We provide:

  • Integration of CRM system into core banking systems to create the 360 degree customer view.
  • Integration with communication systems (Live Chat, Contact-center, Email etc)
  • Customizing CRM to fit business needs of particular customer – any kind of software developments to create a new entities in the system, special logic, scripts, etc.
  • Reporting – we can deliver any kind of complex reports based on the data in the CRM system according to the business needs of the customer.

We support:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Suite/Sugar CRM

Our developers has a strong experience 10+ years in development of complex mechanisms of integration between different information systems. For instance, we’ve done the following integrations:

  • Between Contact-Center Avaya and Billing system (Ukrtelecom, National telecom operator)
  • Between Core Banking system and Suite/Sugar CRM, Dynamics CRM (Globus Bank, Diamant Bank)
  • Integration between CRM, Web-site, and Accounting system for Itkol Serveing
  • Integration between Vista and 1C accounting system to manage inventory, ticket prices and film distributors constraints (Multiplex, Ukraine)